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Address 32 Avalon Street, Highland Park, MI 48203 Phone 567-525-8170 Facebook Instagram (1

Avalon Village was built on unconditional love and a philosophy that the residents of Highland Park, MI deserve a beautiful community life regardless of socio-economic status. Throughout her 15 years, Mama Shu has been blessed with a team of philanthropic experts who give their time, resources and thousands of hours of in-kind work towards maintaining the mission and building the vision of Avalon Village until Avalon is able to monetarily sustain full time staff/employees. 

The amazing team listed below are the current contracted philanthropic experts who also volunteer their time and expertise to give back to the community and to help build Avalon Village. We thank them for all they do to help Avalon Village grow and continue to be FOR THE COMMUNITY!

MAMA SHU SPEAKS (Instagram Post).png

Shamayim "Mama Shu" Harris



Boniswa Brock

Education Consultant 


Sandra Sanders

Food Security and Beautification Coordinator

Garden Diva, LLC


Delvon Herron

Head of Security, Avalon Village Peace Team


Kafi Humphrey

CFO & Associate Director, Avalon Village


Aziza Davis

Director of Farming

Robin Schwartz headshot.jpg

Robin Schwartz

Public Relations Consultant


Roi Meadows

Director of Grounds & Operations

Saidah Murphy_Headshot 1.jpg

Saidah Murphy

Marketing and Communications Consultant


Angel Examo

HPC3 Liason

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